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This song is a tribute to the ANZACs, and to all soldiers. 10 million military personnel died in World War 1, think of how many family members, lovers and friends were affected by that loss, the reverberations would be felt for many years to come. We are all part of a chain, links to the past.

I have never been to war, I can only try to imagine what was going through the minds of those fellas all those years ago.  A lot of them signed up for an adventure but got a hell of a lot more than that.


Some Comments

I love it, lump in the throat stuff. Good work - “I have to rush off now, will reply fully tomorrow.........Listened again, still love it.
— Colonel 'Moose' Dunlop
I have just listened to THE SOLDIER. It has a poignancy that will surely touch those whose lives have been affected by wars over time. It is eternal this song, with words suggesting images which any soldier would retain for life, whether buried or immediate. I was moved by the ending; it leaves, suspended, the idea of the girl back home. That girl might be any one of millions of females who waited, who grieved, who died old women still thinking back to the happiness they knew before he went away to war.
— Robyn Nevin
This is so heartfelt and moving, beautifully poignant with just the right level of understatement, and performed so well.
— @artvaughan
World War 1 saw the intersection of long held thinking that dying in war was glorious and honourable above all things, humanity realised that war was slaughter.
It saw the intersection of horse and cart with that of the new and groaning mesmeric beast - Tank. Once again; the collision of old patterns and ways, with new devastating technology.
It saw the beginning of a Century of PTSD spread throughout the world - in myriad ways this silent beast has shaped many families, lives, and therefore society.
ANZAC Day represents this for me; it is the Remembrance of history and the acknowledgement of those that contributed to it. It is the opportunity to think - how do we best honour those souls and the tragedy of life destroyed.
— Guy Walton - April 25, 2017.

June 2018 - A Concert Band arrangement of THE SOLDIER has been created. This arrangement will be performed in Florida USA in November 2018 by an American Concert Band. Click THE SOLDIER in USA for more info and a great description from the band secretary. 

July 2016 - THE SOLDIER was performed by The Voices of Birralee (a choir from QLD) - as part of the pre service at the ANZAC WW1 Centenary Commemoration Service in Fromelles France on the 19th of July, and performed again at Villers-Bretonneux and Pozieres at commemoration events.

April 2014 - The Australian War Memorial takes The Soldier music video into the National Collection.


The Soldier is available for purchase on iTunes