Guy began his study of music at the age of seven. He trained initially on piano and continued his studies to include singing. After many years Guy went on to perform live shows with such varied acts as:

  • She’s The Boss – light jazz band

  • The Undercover Show – covers Rock band

  • Friar Rush – original Progressive Rock/Metal band

  • Shades of Green – club Cabaret duo - Irish vocal comedy (Guy on piano)

  • Playin’ About - club lounge duo, covers

  • St James Glenfield – professional appointment as organist

  • No Fences – The Garth Brooks Tribute Show – 8 piece touring show band

  • Longhouse – original fusion band

  • The Black Spurs – show/concept band playing altered covers

  • Performances many and varied – 'ANZAC Day 2015 Centenary' solo performance to an estimated 10 000 people, a solo performance at Government House Sydney, a Black Spur performance at a political rally in Martin Place Sydney, Shades of Green club performances with some of Sydney’s best session players – all the way through to the back of trucks, lonely late night clubs and the odd audience of 1 or 2.

In 2010 Guy decided to move in the direction of a solo artist:

  • In 2014 Guy envisioned, wrote and produced a one man show – WW100Years, a commemoration of the original ANZACs.

  • In 2014 Guy Walton website and music activities surrounding the Centenary of ANZAC and WW1 were acknowledged by the National Library of Australia and taken into their database (Pandora) for perpetuity, a recognition of an Australian musician’s contribution to this event.

  • The Australian War Memorial took THE SOLDIER music video into the National Collection.

  • 2016, self-published the album; A MUDDY WALTZ – In Tribute to the Centenary of WW1

  • 2016, Guy’s song THE SOLDIER was performed by a QLD Choir at various commemorative events in France for centennial commemorations.

  • 2017, self-published an EP; LONELY HEART

  • 2017, Guy working as an entertainer with a repertoire of well-known songs.

Guy has also been involved in the following;

  • Playing a US Soldier in the Mel Gibson directed film HACKSAW RIDGE, filmed in Sydney 2015.

  • Working as an extra in a major TV series - A Place To Call Home.

  • Working as an actor in a WW1 doco.


A more in depth biography describing a part of Guy’s life journey:

Guy has followed an unconventional path to becoming a performer, it was an interesting journey to his first professional gig at the age of 33.

The son of a pianist mother and of a father with a great appreciation for music, Guy began piano lessons at the age of 7 and continued for 4 years – during this time he hinted at the songwriting that was to come much later by writing and performing his first song at age 9. These early years showed a talent for and a desire to perform and after some brief episodes on guitar, saxophone and a boys choir in high school, Guy left music behind for a while. 

Leaving school, becoming an apprentice cabinetmaker, working for and learning from a highly skilled cabinetmaker at his bespoke joinery workshop was just one of those things that seemed to happen.

At 21 years old Guy began working for himself, setting up a very rudimentary workshop in his mother’s 2 car garage. This inadvertently brought with it the time, during lunch, to sit at mum’s piano and start playing again – a passion was re ignited.

The cabinetmaking continued, Guy’s skills and personable approach were quickly recognised and it was not long before the 2 car garage became a factory. During these early years Guy had work published in some of Sydney’s leading decorating and kitchen magazines, including Vogue Living, Cameo and Trends, gaining a reputation as one of Sydney’s leading cabinetmakers. He received work from leading Architects, Builders and Designers – working for some of Australia’s most recognised and successful business people and politicians. These were busy years, alongside this frenetic business activity Guy was studying classical piano, coming home from work and spending up to 3 hours a day practising pieces for AMEB exams, eventually sitting for a performance diploma.

Whilst studying the piano Guy rediscovered songwriting - this led him back to singing. He then spent the next 6 years receiving instruction from an operatic Soprano, Margaret Andrews Russell, a brilliant singer, teacher and now friend.

During these years a family was growing as well. Guy is married and has two children.

In the early 2010’s, having spent many years in various music situations both professional and amateur, Guy decided it was time to develop his own music and performance direction, he found a great recording producer and got to work – to date over 25 songs have been recorded and produced, this includes the self-publication of two albums; A Muddy Waltz and Lonely Heart and a single - It Ain't Snowin' in Wollongong.   

So that more or less brings us to the present – life is a great adventure. 

“I have had many obstacles in my life, I have not had an easy run at times and it has been hard work. Developing talent into skill is its own reward, in my experience it is not for the faint hearted, any sincere desire to reach mastery will be fraught with struggle… just is, and so it should be……”  

Guy’s cabinetmaking website - HERE