WEST COAST DOWN - a new composition for violin and piano

My daughter has been playing the violin for many years now…..I think she was about 4 years old when she started. 2019 will see her doing the HSC and music will be one of her subjects. A couple of months ago she asked if I would write a piece of music for her to play in the exam - a music teacher or two had suggested that this would be a good idea!

I set about the task with enthusiasm…..grabbed a musical motif that was hanging around in my head, sat down in front of the computer and slowly assembled WEST COAST DOWN. Writing songs and music is always surprising……I can have a definite idea in mind but then the creative process takes over and things happen…..it is great fun.

So I ended up with a tune and have recorded it - the violin is beautifully played by Bronwyn Harrowsmith and I played the piano. In time I will make another recording with my daughter playing it.

You can listen here - WEST COAST DOWN

The images in the clip are photographs taken by Lara Walton

Guy Walton