A stirring tribute to the Centenary of WW1 and the life of a Soldier.

I have just listened to THE SOLDIER. It has a poignancy that will surely touch those whose lives have been affected by wars over time. It is eternal this song, with words suggesting images which any soldier would retain for life, whether buried or immediate. I was moved by the ending; it leaves, suspended, the idea of the girl back home. That girl might be any one of millions of females who waited, who grieved, who died old women still thinking back to the happiness they knew before he went away to war.
— Robyn Nevin

The Soldier is available for purchase on iTunes and can be streamed on Spotify

This song has been performed all over Australia, in France (2016) and USA (2018)

In 2014 Guy conceived and performed a unique tribute to the original Anzac’s. Throughout the WW1 Centenary he gave numerous performances of this production. Click HERE to learn more. Guy can be booked to perform excerpts from this show which make a powerful and informative tribute on Anzac Day.