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Guy Walton

Guy Walton - Singer, Songwriter, Entertainer

HELLO  and Welcome to my website - This site showcases songs that I have written and recorded.

We are currently working on a major overhaul of the site - new material, concepts and information - please come back again soon and check it out!! Should be done by mid March (hopefully!!)

If you are visiting the site in regards to an enquiry about my vocal/piano solo gigs PLEASE email me at info@guywalton.com.au; I can send you a list of songs and we can talk about your requirements - in the mean time...why not have a look around the website, there are some great original songs to listen to. 

My main project at the moment is my tribute to the Centenary of World War 1, I have recorded an album of songs - A MUDDY WALTZ (see below) - and I perform a live show called WW100Years - check this out on the SHOW page OR on FACEBOOK click here

  • The album - A MUDDY WALTZ - available online through iTunesGoogle Play and Amazon. (Just click on the yellow links for online veiwing/purchase) CD's of A Muddy Waltz are available - please contact Guy Walton to order a copy.

 "what a great tribute and what beautiful/inspiring music and stories - a magnificent effort - Gil Smith


I have released an EP called LONELY HEART. 5 great songs.

  • The EP - LONELY HEART - available online through iTunes, Google Play and Amazon
  • Lonely Heart FACEBOOK click here
  • September 2016 - We have started working on a music video for the song LONELY HEART - animation company - The Magnificent Itch - and myself, will be putting this together, an exciting project, it's a song with a message.....stay tuned.  

"Standing in a River" - a short promo video.